Photo Restoration

We repair sentimental photos back to their very best.

We’re specialists and use the latest digital technology to restore your photos, so they can be preserved for years to come.

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What We Do

Restoring a photo is a painstaking and meticulous task, our photo repairers are highly skilled and experienced to ensure photos are restored to the highest possible standard.

✓ Restore; rips, creases, and missing sections.
✓ Remove; pen, paint or marks, stains and dirt or mould.
✓ Fix; discolouration, faded photos, sun or water damaged photos

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Example Restoration

Joan only had one remaining photo of herself and her deceased siblings, the photo was captured over 60 years ago, and time had taken its toll on the photograph.

It had been stored in a photo frame for many years, and was quite literally falling a part and disintegrating.

In order to work on the photo, we needed a scan of the original, but with it being so delicate we advised Joan to not remove the photo from the frame. Instead we asked Joan to scan the photo in the frame at 600 DPI, and then send it to us as a JPG image.

With the help of a friend, Joan sent us the image in a digital format, and we began our work.

We first began by painstakingly re-piecing and recreating any missing sections and areas of the photo. We then did some minor retouching to ensure the image could look as smooth as possible, before altering the colour to restore the original black and white colour.

Finally, we emailed the photo back to Joan, so she could get it reprinted and framed.

An old photo we recently restored for Joan in Hampshire, UK.

Why should you get your photos restored?

Photos don’t last forever, so if there are photos that you treasure or cherish, it can be a good idea to save them digitally. For old photos that are past their best, you may need to get them restored first (and that’s where we come in).

There can be many reasons for why someone might want to get a photo restored, typically we find people tend to get them restored for;

Genealogy – tracing back their family history or family tree

Memorial –remembering a loved one

Gifting – restoring photos can make a great anniversary or birthday gift

Whatever the reason is for having a photo restored, the motivation for doing so stems back to the fact that photo is important to them, or someone they know.

As each photo is unique the cost of restoration will vary depending on the extent of the damage. Below is a guideline for costs below (per photo), most photos will fall into the medium category, but if you send us your photo we can take a look at it to provide you with an accurate quote.


£11.99 ($14.99)


£19.99 ($23.99)


£36.99 ($44.99)


£49.99 ($59.99)

Photo Restoration

Expertly restore torn, scratched, faded or creased photos back to their former glory.


Add colour to black and white photos, or to old photos that have become discoloured.

Photo Manipulation

Alter photos to add or remove aspects including people or objects.


The work that Photo Repairer have done to restore my photo is remarkable, I didn’t think it would be possible because it was so badly damaged, I am absolutely delighted. Thank you! – Joan


I had a photo of my mum when she a little girl, but it was dark and creased. Photo Repairer lightened it up and got rid of the creases. I’m very pleased, thank you. – Caitlyn