Photo Colourisation

We colourise black and white photos to bring your images to life.

Our specialists combine their experience with the latest digital technology to transform your black and white photos into colour.

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Scan and then upload your photo and let us know what colours you’d like.

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We Get To Work

If you’re happy with the quote. Our colourisation specialists get to work.

How Do You Know What Colours To Use?

You can either let us know what colours we should use, or let our specialists use their experience to make a judgement.

How Much Does Photo Colourisation Cost?

Costs can vary depending on the state, size and quality of the original photo, but will typically be around £40 ($48.99) per photo.

Example Colourisation

Harry wanted to surprise his grandfather for his birthday by getting an old photo of his grandfather and his grandfather’s sister colourised.

Before any work could take place, the photo needed to be digitalised. Harry scanned the original photo at 600 DPI and then sent it to us as a JPG image so that we could work with it.

We first began by retouching the photo to remove folds and creases, and then cleaned up any areas where there were specks on the photo.

Once we had restored the photo we then began our colourising process. Our specialist used a variety of digital manipulation techniques and tools to add colour to the photo.

Finally, we sent the photo back to Harry so that he could get it printed and framed, ready to present to his grandfather for his birthday.

An old photo we recently restored and colourised for Harry in Grayswood, Surrey, UK.

A photo we colourised for Paul in Tampa, Florida.

Example Colourisation

Paul came to us wanting to add some colour to his favourite childhood photo of himself with his sister.

Once Paul had scanned the photo, he sent it across to us in JPG format and provided us with some guidance on what colours to be included.

Before we began working on the image, we did some minor restoration work to remove some marks and creases that were present on the photo.

We then began the colourisation process before sending it back Paul, who was delighted with the results and had the photo printed and a copy sent to his sister.

Photo Restoration

Expertly restore torn, scratched, faded or creased photos back to their former glory.


Add colour to black and white photos, or to old photos that have become discoloured.

Photo Manipulation

Alter photos to add or remove aspects including people or objects.

“I was amazed with the results”

I wanted to get an old photo of my sister and I colourised, I let Photo Repairer know what sort of colours they wanted, and they got to work and I was amazed with the results – Paul

“The service was second to none”

I had a photo of my grandad colourised for his birthday. I’m so glad I did because he absolutely loved it. The service was second to none, thanks again – Harry